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Steps to the Wedding: Q&A People & Parties

October 20, 2017

Steps in the wedding that are routinely mentioned relate primarily to planning, but what about the decisions that impact it on a personal level: the wedding party, the celebratory showers, and parties? Every wedding varies simply because of the people involved. After speaking with our bride, Lauren, we get an insight into who was involved…

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Steps to the Wedding: Q & A Wedding Planning

October 6, 2017

Steps to the Wedding: Q & A Wedding Planning, with Lauren and Brent. After the ring goes on, the questions begin to flood in. “Where? When? Will it be an evening or day wedding? Who’s the maid of honor? Where are you going for the honeymoon? Who’s making your cake? Have you looked at venues?…

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Steps to the Wedding, the Dress

September 15, 2017

Steps to the Wedding, the Dress Steps to the wedding include few things as important to a bride, and the people who love her, as The Dress. For well over a century, thanks to the influence of Queen Victoria, women search stores near and sometimes far to find the perfect white dress. Apparently, while it…

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Steps to the Wedding, an Engagement Party

September 7, 2017

Steps to the Wedding- Brent+Lauren, an Engagement Party Steps to the Wedding for Brent and Lauren are barreling ahead. A mix of family, parties, and hundreds of hand wrapped party favors are in their future! However, before the list begins to get checked off, a celebration with family and close friends is in order and…

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Steps to the Wedding, Brent+Lauren Engaged

August 11, 2017

Steps to the Wedding – Brent+Lauren Steps to the Wedding for an Austin wedding aren’t generally taken lightly since they lead to the ultimate commitment to each other and a proclamation to society as a whole.  On February 16th, 2016, just two weeks back from being stationed in Dubai, Brent asked Lauren, at a vineyard…

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