Austin Wedding Anniversary Traditions, Pecan Springs Ranch Style, Part One

April 13, 2018

Austin wedding anniversary traditions obviously vary by couple, but in one special story, Pecan Springs Ranch is lucky to play a part year after year in one of our couple’s lives. However, in every story there has to be a beginning, so that’s where we’ll meet Jay and Lynnea and walk down the road that lead them to ‘I do.’

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t heard that phrase that brings a cringe to a single person’s face? Reach back in time if you’re lucky enough to be paired so you get to avoid the well meaning, “hey, you know who you should meet!?” In a rare case of serendipity, their well meaning friends were spot on and the phrase that can bring angst for someone single actually sowed the seed.

Austin attracts all types, including Jay by way of Colorado and Lynnea coming from California. (I’m not going to get into the magic that is Austin, because all of us native Texans know). On a whim and showing a bit of moxie, Lynnea reached out on Facebook. Over a series of messages and texts, they decided to meet.

In this special situation there were unique circumstance, Jay came with two little angels. For Lynnea, that wasn’t a hurdle, but an incredible blessing. Recalling her thoughts on the matter, she said “I was always told ‘when you meet the right one, you will just know!’ I didn’t believe that! But then I met Jay, Jackson, and Haven! From the first day I met the 3 of them I knew I wanted to be apart of their special little world! I literally knew that first day, that this was the man God had saved me for!”

Their first meet-cute was appropriately a family affair; church with his kids. Just two days later they had their first official date and they both knew it was the start of something special, so they jumped right in.

Two months later, and fully committed to their future, Jay’s photographer sister visited under the ruse of a vacation and family photos at Zilker Botanical Gardens. Before Lynnea knew it, Jay was down on one knee proposing. What did he say exactly? In the excitement Lynnea recalls the moment with adorable honesty saying, “Jay was down on one knee telling me things that I can’t remember, haha! But it must have been good because I said ‘YES!’” Rounding out the blissful moment, Jay’s two kids brought Lynnea a lollipop and asked her to be their ‘bonus mom.’

Now that you know their story, we can’t wait to bring you part two later this month to delve into their wedding at Pecan Springs Ranch and the romantic way they incorporate PSR into their anniversary every year.

Maybe, just maybe, the next time someone says, “really, at least get to know my friend, you guys would be great!” singles will consider taking them up on it. Imagine if Jay and Lynnea had chosen not to- their story would’ve never started!