Austin Wedding Anniversary Traditions, Pecan Springs Ranch Style, Part Two

April 27, 2018

Austin Wedding Anniversary Traditions, Pecan Springs Ranch Style Part One should be read before this post, did you catch it? In the first part we got to hear the incredibly endearing ‘meet-cute’ and proposal story for Jay & Lynnea.


Marriage was on the horizon now for Jay and Lynnea. Pecan Springs Ranch lucked out and this sweet couple booked with us. When asking Lynnea what stood out about PSR, she said,”We decided we wanted to be married there even before we saw it in person! When we went to see the venue, we both fell in love with the setting and the option between indoor and outdoor space. It was great to have the flexibility of using our own decor and catering. It made working within our budget very feasible, even at a top-notch venue. It was, and still is, gorgeous!”

On March 22, 2015, Jay & Lynnea got married in a small ceremony by the outdoor fireplace with close friends and family. Recalling what was special about her wedding, Lynnea says, “we had our closest friends and family in every part of our day. The wedding planner, our music, pastor, decorators, and even the cake involved family or a family friend.” Even Jay’s sister, the same one that captured their proposal, took their wedding photos.

After hearing about their first date and Jay’s proposal, it comes as no surprise that they incorporated Jay’s sweet kids by having a family dance with them in celebration at the reception. In a special moment, Lynnea’s Grandpa kicked it back to the days of her youth and did a surprise yodel for his granddaughter.

Ever the romantic, Jay surprised Lynnea with a picnic at Pecan Springs Ranch for their first anniversary. “We walked the grounds and reminisced. It was so perfect that we’ve decided we would relive it every year. We enjoy just being able to walk around and have that time alone with each other to remember that perfect day! We like to get a ‘love sign’ picture each time to see how much we’ve changed,” says Lynnea.

Just like that, rolling out of Jay’s first anniversary gesture, a tradition was born. Lynnea says,”I’m all about traditions! I love being able to relive something that was one of the most memorable and special times in my life. We also relive our first date every year along with pictures at each of the spots we went.”

They plan on continuing their tradition for as long as they can. Their sweet ‘love sign’ photo each anniversary carries on!