Wedding Trends for 2018, a Few Favorites on the Rise

January 12, 2018

Wedding trends for 2018, for Austin weddings and beyond, are popping up all over the place as big hit players share their favorites that are on the rise. From Pinterest’s predictions based on their top searches, to premiere wedding planners and design magazines, here are 5 ideas we’ve also seen in the background of 2017 that appear to be headed for the spotlight in 2018.

Old is New: Handfasting

In the past two years, this tradition has been used at a few weddings, but it seems to be picking up speed. Being that it’s an old Celtic wedding tradition from the 1200’s, it wasn’t surprising to originally see it used in a Scottish wedding out in the rolling hills. However, it’s use in weddings from San Francisco this past spring to weddings  really made it stand out as an older tradition turned new (at least on this side of the pond) as growing numbers are making it modern. The tradition is referred to as ‘Handfasting,’ or literally ‘tying the knot’. Some root the rise in this age old tradition in Prince William and Duchess Kate’s inclusion of handfasting during the Royal Wedding a few years ago. In 2018, even more people are on track to adopt this old tradition and adapt it to their own ceremonies.

Royal Wedding Handfasting, courtesy of the BBC

Specialty Food Tables

Set to grow in popularity on a larger scale in 2018, much like the candy bar trend from a few years back, are tables focused on a particular food theme. While dessert tables are believed to be a standout, multiple variations of comfort foods or local specialties are also quite literally on the table in this decadent trend that can be used in receptions and after parties.

Dessert Table, Lauren Fair Photography

Free Falling Florals

Decadent center pieces don’t have to be rooted to the table wow. Instead, as brides opt to use indoor spaces in growing numbers, florals dazzling in extravagance are finding their place in the hanging headspace. Leaves and vines adorned with florals make for gorgeous living chandeliers, while hanging wreaths continue to attract attention.

Hanging Florals, Brittany Michelle Photography

Local Details

While Austin weddings have never shied away from incorporating local influences, look for a rise in details that give credence to the couple’s attachment to the city they love. For example, a couple incorporating the local special, Trudy’s Mexican Martinis, that are Austin famous instead of doing a cocktail that’s a recipe in ode to the couple, or catering their wedding using the local restaurant from their first date. Attaching local importance to the smaller details of a wedding day is one trend that’s expected to rise in importance.

Trudy’s Mexican Martini, photo Taylor Takes a Taste

Bolder Florals

The color trend that’s expected in 2018 will reflect bolder choices in florals. While softer colors like pale pinks, peach, and creams have been the backdrop of many weddings in the last few years, the evolution of ‘rustic wedding’ components allows an opportunity to change the colors that are center stage. Specifically, variations of rich purples to vibrant pinks are expected to gain popularity in 2018.

Bright Florals, Ivy Road Wedding Photography

Whether our couples choose to incorporate their interpretations of growing trends into their wedding or not, Pecan Springs Ranch prides itself on providing a backdrop that’s adaptable to their definition of perfect. However, we definitely don’t mind those dessert tables…