Steps to the Wedding: The Rehearsal

November 17, 2017

Steps to the wedding include one night that is possibly the most important one leading up to the actual wedding; the rehearsalđź’•

Having seen my fair share of weddings, there’s always been a shared feeling that the rehearsal dinner night proves to be one of the most special parts of the entire weekend. After going through the motions of your wedding (where everyone will stand, seeing if the flower girl wants to give her job a go, the walk down the isle, placement for the vows), the night is usually always defined as ‘special’ for various reasons. The rehearsal may be thought of with special sentiment because it gives both sides of the family, and the wedding party, the chance to see each other in a more relaxed setting where the schedule isn’t as defined with important events. Ultimately, it provides a space where family and friends are given the chance to share their feelings about the couple in special ways in an organic setting.

For our wedding couple, Lauren and Brent, they had their rehearsal at Deep Eddy’s Vodka Distillery. It’s location (a quick drive from Pecan Springs Ranch) and space created a great spot for friends and family to celebrate Lauren and Brent. The 75 people in attendance were comprised of their closest family and the wedding party. The night of the rehearsal there were no nerves, and they both were “very calm and excited the night before the wedding,” according to Lauren.

(image from Austin Tour Company)

That October night, they swapped stories and laughs. The Father of the Groom, John, gave a toast where he thanked everyone for coming to celebrate and relayed how happy he was about the upcoming wedding, marriage, and gaining Lauren as a daughter. Following Brent’s Dad’s toast came a special surprise from an Aunt. Compiling various photos of Brent and Lauren growing up, along with photos of their years together as a couple, Brent’s Aunt, Carolyn, created a slideshow video. The wedding couple thought it was beautiful.

After a great night of eating, drinks, and laughs, the rehearsal dinner may have come to a close, but next up was Brent and Lauren’s gorgeous Austin wedding at Pecan Springs Ranch, and everyone was excited.

Next up, as we conclude checking out all of the steps to the wedding, we get to enjoy the actual day!