Pecan Springs Ranch First Blog

June 27, 2014

Finally we are blogging, yes the oldish lady is doing the blogging, I will introduce myself, I am Judy Smith, one of the owners of Pecan Springs Ranch an Austin Wedding Venue. Just so everyone knows I have tried to get others to do this blogging and they have all been too busy. Today “The Google”, told me to start blogging so that we can get more attention to our website. I will probably not follow blogging rules or etiquette, so excuse that, but figure if I start then the others will follow and start blogging.

I won’t go into “about us” too much, since there is a section for that on our lovely website. But if you come out you will probably be given a tour by me, or one of the other partners. So to introduce you to everyone you might meet at Pecan Springs Ranch: Brittany who is a lovely young lady and has been my youngest daughters best friend forever, she has worked with us since the beginning, she is definitely part of the family as is Polky another wonderful young man, who has worked with us not only here but with our real estate appraisal company, we could not survive without Polky or Brittany. Mark who is a long time friend and pitches in wherever we need help, he recently had his wedding here. There is my husband Dubb, yes he does talk a lot, but he loves showing Pecan Springs Ranch off and showing guest his fish in the pond, there is always a fishing pole around if you would like to fish. One of our newest family members to join the PSR life is Kerbey, our youngest daughter, who just moved back from Los Angeles to work with us and to save my sanity. There is Paige, who defintiely was a creative force in this world of weddings and events. Paige is a coordinator and florist and had the experience of 10 years in the wedding industry, you will see most of her work is what has made it on to the blogs, such as Style Me Pretty, Ruffled and many more which has helped promote Pecan Springs Ranch. We definitely make for interesting days in preparing for weddings and events.

I won’t lie and say it has all been an easy road, it definitely has not and has tested all of us to the extreme, but I think some of my favorite times here, are at night when Dubb and I are sitting worn out in our golf cart and looking at all the lights and seeing everyone having a wonderful time. Why we did not get a golf cart earlier, I do not know, but it has saved all of us. I don’t think any of us thought this was where we would be right now, but life changes and throws detours at you and we have all learned how to go around those detours and persevere. I hope if you have not come to visit us, that you will and we will have your date available and if you have booked, we will do our best to make it your best day ever!