5 Candid Austin Wedding Moments of 2017

December 15, 2017

Since the year is winding down, we can’t wait to take a look at 5 candid Austin wedding moments of 2017.

Maybe we’re biased, but we have yet to see a wedding that hasn’t wowed us with each varying detail. The real beauty, as anyone who’s attended a wedding can attest, is in the little moments of the day. While they may briefly span only seconds or minutes, here are some favorite candids caught by wonderful photographers.

1. Dad Sees the Bride, Courtney

Image from Svetlana Photography

For all the daughters that adore their Dads, the beauty shared in the life changing moment right before the wedding is one that’s both dreamt of and pushed out of mind on purpose.  It’s the acknowledgment of change and growth. While you look forward to marrying your love, this guy will always be irreplaceable.

2. Fully Dressed, Bride reveal to Bridesmaids

This incredible reaction was captured by one of our favorite wedding photographers, Al Gawlik. This candid 2017 wedding moment says more than words can. Honesty, joy, and the beauty of true friends, wrapped into one. I can only imagine the groom’s reaction!

3. First Look

Tyler, from The Mill Photography, captured this special moment between Sally & Skoog. There’s something about the joy in a couple’s face when they first see each other all dressed for their vows. While some couples still save it for the isle and their guests, others are choosing to part with tradition in order to make it their first special moment of the day. Considering the sentiment shared, it doesn’t hurt that you get to share it between just the two of you before the whirlwind of a day begins.

Sidenote: If everyone else checks out the rest of this fun couple’s day, they’re going to have a list of people wishing they’d been there!

4. Feeling the Vows


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Photographer Misty McClendon captured the real feels happening during this couple’s vows during their outdoor ceremony at Pecan Springs Ranch. In a moment surrounded by numerous loved ones, it’s hard not to get a little watery when you’re promising another person your forever. That being said, it’s also hard when you’re watching your best friend make those vows to not tear up, too! “If you cry, then I’ll cry…”

5. Basking in Celebration with Your Dearest Friends, Like this Bride, Lauren

Images from EE Photography

You may be saying ‘I do’ to your love, but there’s nothing like celebrating that day with friends that are tried and true. Weddings are obviously about the union of two people, but knowing the people who helped shaped you are standing beside you in your decision is second only to the person sharing ‘I do’.

These are just a few of the moments that made 2017 weddings incredible. To all of the couples who said ‘I do’- we wish you so much joy and happiness. Thanks for letting us share in so many special days. That being said, we are so excited to see what 2018 brings!

Join us in our next post as we wrap up 2017’s ‘Steps to the Wedding’!