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Austin Weddings; Getting Caked

February 9, 2018

Getting caked up for your Austin wedding at Pecan Springs Ranch in 2018 isn’t a terribly hard feat. We love getting the chance to give our brides all the details and referrals for incredible bakers that can make their cake dreams come true. Having an established network of trusted vendors based on years of history is one perk of being the only family owned and operated wedding and event venue in our area. Our recommendations come from years of experience and established trust with many vendors in the Austin Wedding scene so you’ll never have to worry.

That being said, cakes, like wedding party attire, continue to incorporate reflections of the couple and the wow factor continues to climb. While the personality may have previously been reserved for grooms cakes, new trends have opened the door to give the status quo a run for their money. There are some cake styles that are projected to grow from the seeds they were over the last year, as well as some that quite literally *cough* ‘take the cake.’

We’re going to look local, and outside of our beautiful area, to see some incredible styles that are breaking the mold.

Lights Out- Black on Black cakes

Not sure how many people saw this one coming, but it definitely holds a presence. Do you know anyone all about this trend enough to give this look a go at their nuptials?

The Lace of it: Vintage Elegance

Lace made a huge comeback in wedding dress styles, but what about incorporating it elsewhere? Using the texture trend to their advantage, some brides are all about the lace, sometimes using the lace of their dress as the inspiration. Lace may not be ‘new,’ but it’s definitely gone modern. Hello, gorgeous!

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Kicking Color: Bold Does it

We’re used to soft hues, metallics, and stone cakes twisting things up, but what happens when a bride goes full throttle? These stunners!

Bright and cheery cake for today's Indian wedding. Congratulations M+S!

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Desserts go Desert: Succulent Wedding

Sure, succulents and cacti were the trend of late, but what about incorporating the beauty of the desert into your wedding cake?

Simple Does it: Small Changes

Of course, there’s always going to be the traditional white cake, nothing will take its place. Going traditional doesn’t mean sacrificing a modern flair, just choosing the part that’s most important. For those brides, here are some modern takes that play homage to tradition while embracing modern appeal.

Whatever your preference, we love seeing a representation of each couple that represents them in every special cake design. Luckily, in Austin, the sky is the limit!